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Thu Oct 17, 2019

Herbed Mushroom Ricotta Toasts

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Herbed Mushroom Ricotta Toasts

Last year I was grilling up a steak dinner, and to make use of the heat remaining in the coals after cooking the steak and also to get a new recipe to write about on the blog, I ended up making a batch of herb-crusted mushrooms. It was kind of a last minute and simple recipe that I thought would be sort of a throw away in the end—good enough to get a post out of, but not something to keep coming back to. To my surprise, both my wife and I ended up having a strong affinity for those herbal and garlicky mushrooms that were a perfect pairing with a hearty steak, and almost immediately I saw the recipe having legs beyond that singular use. That's how I ended up getting to these herbed mushroom ricotta toasts, which I made for a Meatwave that was comprised of bite-size party foods.

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