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Thu Jan 24, 2019

Peruvian Chicken Wings

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Peruvian Chicken Wings

I'm lucky to have a really great and prolific Peruvian chicken spot in my neighborhood. The joint is called Alpaca (when I first moved to town it was still Mama Nora's) and their chicken is seasoned perfectly, then roasted using charcoal so it gets a nice smoky touch, and finally they let you get as much aji verde as you desire, and I can never get enough of the amazingly spicy and flavorful sauce. Since it's so easy for me to get awesome Peruvian chicken, I never even think of making it home, but when planning out Wing Month, I thought Peruvian wings would make a grand addition to the line-up and decided to try out a recipe. It would have been hard to go wrong here, so it was no surprise that these ended up being wings I highly suggest you give a whirl out at home too.

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