The Meatwave



The Meatwave is a summer barbecue series and website run by Joshua Bousel.

The Meatwave has grown into a full blown addiction since its humble beginnings in 2003, when it was no more than a tiny, cheap grill with a few people huddled around it at my (then new) Astoria, NY "cottage."

I began hosting regular cookouts every other week during the summer, and after five years of that, I thought that I had something to share with the world about my (mis)adventures in grilling and barbecue, so started a blog to help spread the Meatwave gospel. This led to an extended stint as a recipe developer for Serious Eats where I was able to hone my cooking and food writing skills.

With a growing collection of over 500 recipes and 250 barbecue sauce reviews, the site no longer fit the dated "blog" format and was redeveloped into its current state during the collective spring quarantine of 2020.

I remain dedicated to keeping The Meatwave alive, continuing to host regular cookouts and sharing new recipes, reviews, and tips from my Durham, NC location where I grill on a pair of 22" Weber Kettles, barbecue using Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers, and make amazing pizzas with the KettlePizza.


What is The Meatwave?

The Meatwave is a BBQ that happens regularly during the warm months. It's simply a time to get together with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and most importantly, eat meat!

After some growing interest, the Meatwave expanded into a blog in 2007. Since then, the Meatmaster has honed his recipe development, writing, and photography skills to expand the website into what it is today—one of the largest resources for grilling recipes that's out there!

Who's The Meatmaster?

The Meatmaster is Joshua Bousel.

How do I get on the Meatwave?

People already on The Meatwave can send invitations out to friends and it continues to grow that way. If you really, really want to be on The Meatwave, just ask The Meatmaster very politely and you'll be considered. It also helps to follow the Meatwave on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Being on The Meatwave means you'll receive email invitations that will allow you to RSVP and get directions to the cookout series. It is not newsletter for the website.

Please don't be offended if you're not added to The Meatwave. The event happens at The Meatmaster's own home and space is tight, so there's a limit to how big it can actually grow.

Where is The Meatwave?

The Meatwave is in Durham, NC. You will have access to directions on this site once you're on The Meatwave.

How long does The Meatwave last?

The Meatwave will begin at 2 pm, unless otherwise noted, and go on into the early evening (say around 7 or 8). So come to The Meatwave for lunch, dinner, a snack, whenever you can pop in.

Do I need to bring my own food/drinks?

The Meatwave is about friends, and friends share, so it's always nice to have food and drink contributions for the group. The Meatmaster provides most of the main dishes, but sides, desserts, and drinks are usually rounded out by guests. It'd be great if you could RSVP and let people know what you're planning on bringing so everyone can plan accordingly.

Can I bring friends?

Of course, The Meatwave is all about making new friends.

Will The Meatwave happen if it's raining?

Nothing stops the meat! That being said, it's not always fun to sit around in the rain, so The Meatwave is sometimes canceled. You'll get an email if The Meatwave is not going to happen, or you can always come back and check the site.

Do you really expect me to come every Meatwave?

No, but it'd be nice to see your face that often! Come to The Meatwave whenever it's convenient for you, that's why there's many of them every year—we hope there's at least one date you'll be able to make it.

But I'm a vegetarian, what should I do?

The Meatwave doesn't discriminate and is an inclusive space. We provide meaty and vegetarian options, and if you have specific food concerns, let The Meatmaster know he'll accommodate as best he can. We try to keep two separate grills for meaty things and veggie things, but there are times that may not be possible.

Why should I listen to you about bbq and grilling?

No one is making you, I'm just a man with a passion. I'm not a chef, but I've learned a lot and am always trying new things, so I thought it'd be fun to share. After so many years of doing this, including an extended stint as a recipe developer for Serious Eats, I feel like I have a good handle on what works and how to make things that will come out delicious every time, so take that for what it's worth.

You know this is misspelled, and that's gramatically incorrect?

I know, I know, a son of an IB English teacher should know better, but I don't. I admit to having horrible grammar and even worse spelling. I'm not looking to become some famous fancy pants food writer, I'm just trying to share my bbq fun with you all and hopefully my literary mistakes don't get in the way of that.

I have a photo, link, story, etc that might interest you, how can I contribute it?

The Meatwave loves to hear from its readers and encourages you to help contribute. The best way to do this is to follow The Meatwave on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share through there. You can also email the The Meatmaster directly, but he's known to be more responsive on the social media front (others are watching). The Meatwave does not currently accept guest posts.

Why do I have to leave my email when commenting?

Your email address is used primarily to help fight against spam in the comments. Your email address will never be published or shared with anyone. Email is also good if The Meatmaster wants to contact you about an interesting comment.

Will you link my site?

It's not common, but it really depends on the content and context. The Meatwave has no list of links, but products and sites that spark The Meatmaster's interest can sometimes be included in posts.

Do you do sponsored content and/or social posts?

Yes, The Meatwave will consider proposals for sponsored website content and/or social posts. The content has to be produced by The Meatwave, but we work with brands and publishers to ensure all content meets prerequisites, brand requirements, and approval before posting.

Can I advertise on The Meatwave?

The Meatwave currently runs ads through Google Adsense and has been happy with the service. If you have an advertising proposal you think is worth considering and is appropriate to the site's primary audience, please contact me. Each request will be individually evaluated.

You did all this work for a BBQ?

Yes, I am insane, but this is also what I enjoy doing. If you like what you see, The Meatmaster's skills as a writer, photographer, recipe developer, designer, and/or web developer are for hire, so just reach out.