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Competitions & Events

Competitions & Events

In the winter of 2012, The Meatwave decided to expand beyond backyard cooking and set forth with an online fundraising campaign to start-up a barbecue competition team. With the generous support of friends, family, and fans, our goal was met to bring the fantastic barbecue from this blog onto the competition circuit.

My wife and I competed flying the The Meatwave flag and found initial success, bringing home hardware from almost all of the competitions we entered. After a relocation to Durham, NC in 2015, we stopped competing, but the bug hasn't been squashed and we may hit the road again and join our brethren in these fun events again sometime soon.

Until then, enjoy dispatches of of our trials and tribulations getting started in competitive barbecue as well as some other meat-related events I've had the pleasure of attending and decided to share recaps of.

Team Funders

I'm truly grateful for all the folks below who contributed to my crowd-funding campaign that made the The Meatwave team possible.

Aaron B
Abby G
Ally S
Amie M
Bender Bound
Beth S
Betsy S
BBQ Sauce Reviews
Carlos G
Daphne & Blair
David B
Debbie S
Debby and Carmen
Donna and Nestor
Ellin B
Faye B
James B
Jan K
Jeanne, Ronny, and Sophie
Jerel R
Joan W
John C
Suzanne & Jon
Julie M
Kaitlin & Nick
Kanoelani P
Karen & Chris
Karla B
Katie & Nathan
Kevin P
Kristin R
Lindsay & Brandon
Marilyn Y
Mary D
Medomak Family Camp and Retreat Center
Melvin B
Michael FS
Mike L
Mike V
Nicolas B
Paul & Merrilee
Rachel B
Renee D
Rodel & Aurora
Ruth & Mark
Scott P
Smoke In Da Eye BBQ
Susan T
Susan Y
Tessie B
Treyci & Tito
WCS Public Affairs Department

Meatwave Team Recaps

Other Meaty Events