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Tue Jul 10, 2007

Meat a Meatwaver: Marissa

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Swim Meat

I'm pleased for you to meet Marissa in our second installment of "Meat a Meatwaver." Like Mike, Marissa is another true die hard Meatwaver and is quickly becoming our resident mixologist, providing delicious beverages to compliment each week's meat. Marissa shares my true pork passion and recently her father endowed the Meatwave with a bounty of mail order meats. So without further a adieu, I proudly introduce Marissa, or, as she rightfully puts it, Meatrissa.

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Wed Jun 27, 2007

Meat a Meatwaver: Mike

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Meat the Parents

It's obvious I love to grill and barbecue, but it means little to me if I can't share the foods I make. I created The Meatwave mostly to have a time to get together with friends and make news ones, while collectively enjoying some meat, of course. So it seems right that this blog expand past waves of meat alone to let you know a little more about The Meatwavers that enjoy these barbecues. This week fittingly starts with Mike, who (besides Kris) has the best Meatwave attendance record, easily eating more of the meat than any others past or present.

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