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Meat a Meatwaver: Marissa

Meat a Meatwaver: Marissa

I'm pleased for you to meet Marissa in our second installment of "Meat a Meatwaver." Like Mike, Marissa is another true die hard Meatwaver and is quickly becoming our resident mixologist, providing delicious beverages to compliment each week's meat. Marissa shares my true pork passion and recently her father endowed the Meatwave with a bounty of mail order meats. So without further a adieu, I proudly introduce Marissa, or, as she rightfully puts it, Meatrissa.




Same as a fine, aged ribeye


Graphmeat designer

Where do you call home?


Beef or Pork?


Do you remember your first Meatwave?

Not exactly, I think I was in a meatcoma. I may have eaten too many ribs.

What has The Meatwave done for you?

It has piqued my interest in fine cuts of pig.

What has been your favorite Meatwave item?

Saturday Meat Fever

Josh%u2019s pulled pork sandwiches with the spicy vinegar sauce.

What would you like to see (or see more of) at The Meatwave?

I haven%u2019t seen ribs in awhile. The new addition of homemade sausages is nice. Gotta love sausage.

What are you cooking for The Meatwave?

The stuff I make doesn%u2019t normally turn out so tasty. The one thing I made that was ok was pumpkin ice cream, even though I doubled the vanilla by mistake.

Do you want to share the recipe for that?

I think I got it off the food network.

Favorite Meatwave kitty, black or tabby, and the craziest thing you've seen them eat (or attempt to eat)?

Marissa Kitties

I like the black cat %u2018cause it%u2019s less of a wus. The thing dragged a gigantic beef rib across the courtyard!

Any parting thoughts about the meat?

When are you roasting a pig?

Notes from The Meatmaster

Marissa is selling herself short on her cooking abilities. She's a great contributer to the Meatwave and is always bringing something tasty along. Lately her drinks are stealing the thunder of my favorite Dr. Pepper, and rightfully so.

Her fav pulled pork is probably going to be on the menu for this weekend's Carne-Val celebration, so I'm betting she (and you) will not be missing this.

Full pig bbq will be in the works as soon as a get a smoker large enough, when I get a backyard large enough for that. It might be some time away, but don't think it's not on my mind.

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