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Tue Oct 14, 2014

Chicken Keema Kebabs

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Chicken Keema

At the start of last summer, my buddy Tyson rolled into the Meatwave toting a bag of mustard-hued ground chicken spotted with green chilies and cilantro. He said it was chicken keema, procured from a Pakistani butcher who informed him not to waste time with the mild keema and to go straight to the spicy. It took some care to get that loose chicken formed around skewers and on the grill, but once there, they cooked up to be a beautiful vibrant yellow that drew the attention of many in the crowd.

I was eager to dig in and found myself instantly smitten with the supreme heat of this chicken mixture. That butcher wasn't messing around when he labeled his keema spicy—this stuff burned, but not so much that it masked the plethora of earthy spices also present, making it one complexly flavored skewer of meat.

I knew right away that I wanted to make my own keema recipe and I made good on that goal after spending time tinkered away with a barrage of spices and some damn hot chilies to get a keema Kebabs that lived up to that first taste many months earlier.

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