The Meatwave



Once again, forces beyond my control have kept me from sharing the meat with you sooner, but I'm here, and the waves of meat will be coming at you in massive force now. It'll be a freakin' meat tsunami! Let me begin with a recount of the BBBQ that went down on Sunday. Even though it was a rainy affair, that couldn't stop the meat and our excitement to see the Simpson's Movie.


Oh, where did this rain come from? The forecast was for rain Friday and Saturday, and both of those days ended up being sunny and beautiful. With a boost in confidence in the weather, I went ahead and started preparing for BBBQ on Saturday by going to the butcher and purchasing an whole leg of lamb (note: this is lamb, not A lamb). That night, I set the meat in a marinade made mostly of yogurt, mint, and lemon. Then to bed to dream of the beautiful lamb to come tomorrow.


Sunday came and all was looking good, but not more than 5 minutes after I lit the fire, the rain came. A passing shower is how I read the weather map, but it continued, non-stop, the entire afternoon. Fire started and lamb marinated, I figured I could just grill in the rain and told everyone the meat was on, and boy was it. This was my first leg of lamb, and it was delicious. A nice, mildly spiced crust enclosed a beautiful medium-rare center that exploded with lamb goodness in each bite.


Even the rain can't stop my insanely overboard grilling habits. I had to make something to go with the lamb, and I decided to make a grilled potato salad. Not only did this involve grilling potatoes for 20 min, but also onions that needed some basting with bacon fat, ensuring I'd spend as much time in the rain as possible. Although I was a little drenched (attempts to use an umbrella proved fruitless), it was all worth it in the end. I'm not big on potato salads, but this one is excellent and I couldn't stop eating it.


Although I fit making lamb and potato salad into my schedule, I was still lacking in time this weekend, which translated to no ice cream. Instead, Rachel brought some huge ass cookies from the City Bakery. When she unloaded her bag of one plate size cookie after another, I was overwhelmed and thought there was no way we'd finish all these. How wrong I was, the Meatwave ended with only small scraps of the giants that now sat happily in our stomachs.


Rain usually keeps people away from The Meatwave, but Rachel did an excellent job of getting her friends out this past weekend. She brought with her Rutgar, visiting from Amsterdam, and Steve, who last graced our presence while hitchhiking his way through NYC to Amherst, MA. Then Steve went into action, calling two of his friends out to share in the BBBQ. Mike was the last to trickle in, and once he was there, Simpsons references began and anticipation for the movie grew.


I'm very happy to announce two new additions to The Meatwave, Kate and Bianca (above), members of my family since their birth. We now have a set of indoor and outdoor cats at The Meatwave, although the outdoor ones will always be the true "Meatwave Kitties."

We passed the day eating more lamb, potatoes, and cookies while spending hours making celebrity Miis. I proudly welcome The Dude and Walter to my Mii family. Then we caught a 7:30 showing of The Simpsons Movie, and to that I can only say one thing:

Spider Pig

Spider Pig

Does whatever a Spider Pig does

Can he swing

From a web

No he can't,

He's a pig


He is a Spider Pig!!

And no, that will NEVER get old.

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  1. Tea How did the pig tracks get on the ceiling?

    I didn't get home till super late :-(

  2. Suzun NEW KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should play with stella and stanley. stanley is getting his ass shaved this week, literally.

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  4. qeNtfPNC 1