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Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

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Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

$5.49 for 16oz at Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Margarine, Tomato Puree, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Raisin Paste, Crushed Orange Puree, Xanthan Gum, Anchovies, Tamarind Extract, Propylene Glycol Alginate Soy, Spices, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

Boss Bell's BBQ Brew


"The Boss" behind this BBQ Brew is Mike Bell, whose past work as a prison warden led to the name and imagery that adorns the bottles. Mike was born into and army family in Spartanburg, SC, which led to a lot of moving around and eventually his own service that included time in Vietnam. He later settled in Eastern North Carolina, where he became fond of its whole hog dressed with a tangy vinegar sauce. He still held onto his initial taste for sweeter, tomato-based sauces though, which led him to create a hybrid of the two styles that became a favorite of family and friends at his backyard cookouts. It wasn't until after Mike had retired, with a little nudging from his wife and help from his two sons, that he decided to start to bottle and sell his sauce, which can be found online as well as in some local groceries around North Carolina today.


The first thing to strike me in the aroma was how different it was from your average sauce, yet it still was undoubtedly "barbecue." There's a familiar tangy tomato smell, but the complexity behind it had me scratching my head a bit on what was at play. This lead to a lot of notes that included -like: there's a strong Worcestershire-like depth, mustard-like pungency, and soy-like savoriness. Along with all of those layers, there was also a very light smokiness and mellow hint at hot peppers to complete the barbecue profile.

Thickness & Texture

This rusty-orange sauce is glossy with a mostly smooth texture broken up by some larger spice chunks here and there. The sauce is opaque, but you can still see a lot of spices in small and large red, white, and black bits. The sauce's thickness hits just south of the center point and it falls in a quick and steady pour from a suspended spoon. Once most of the sauce has left the silverware, the stream changes to fast drips, then ceases and ends with a thin coating of sauce left clinging.

Out of the Jar

Like the aroma, the unique taste of this sauce is noteworthy. It starts with a lightly sweet tomato with an added fruitiness that's difficult to put your finger on. Then quickly vinegar balances with the sugar and eventually overtakes it to make the flavor more tangy than anything. At this time, there's a lot of background players that meld together to create a strong savoriness and complexity that was difficult for me to decode. What I could discern were oniony notes, smokiness, and an earthy pepper that turns spicy at the end. When you combine that with a tang that only increased over time, the final aftertaste had the strong Eastern North Carolina stamp of heat and vinegar.

Boss Bell's BBQ Brew

Slathered & Cooked

The sauce coated the chicken in a thin, even layer that baked down well over indirect heat. When moved over the coals, there was light caramelization with no loss of sauce. The flavor after being cooked maintained those complex barbecue layers, although slightly diminished in power. The chicken had a sweet tomato taste with an equal amount of tang and a contrasting pungency. The additions that gave the sauce a nuanced savoriness out of the jar became a bit lost post-cooking.

Put to Use

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this sauce found my affection because it tastes different than anything I've tried before, of if it's really just that good. It's probably a mixture of both, and I think you'd be equally impressed if you picked up a bottle and gave it a try. It was really trying it on its own, in its raw state, where I could taste all the nuances that made the sauce really interesting to me—once cooked, it kind of became your standard barbecue sauce, albeit a very good one that I wouldn't mind slathering on my chicken or ribs. Still, because there was more that made this sauce special out of the jar, I'd think of it as a dip or condiment first, and as a grilling slather second.

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  1. Michael Bell Thanks for this review. I think it is a great sauce and glad you like it too!

  2. Greg Parsons I tried it two years ago. One of the best BBQ sauces I've tried. Still have some in my cabinet.

  3. Mary Michaux One of the best barbecue sauces ever!

  4. Richard Boisky Only sauce I have used for years. Friends rave about the taste. My Army brat, high school mate has done good!

  5. Candi Pace Best sauce ever! Lots of friends here in Missouri love it as well. You done good Uncle Mike!! Love ya!!

  6. Daryl Where can I buy Boss Bell’s BBQ sauce?

  7. Josh @Daryl The link to buy is at the top of the post. I provide links to purchase just about every sauce reviewed (only exception is when it's available in grocery stores only).