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Tue Dec 8, 2015

Turkish Minced Lamb Pide

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Turkish Lamb Pide

A few months before I left Astoria, a Turkish spot opened up right at the steps of the elevated Ditmars station I used daily, making it an easy destination that quickly became a regular for me. With the little amount of time I had to spend there, I was able to explore the vast majority of the menu that included various kebabs, shawarmas, manti, breads, and salads. One of the few items I hadn't experienced previously and instantly loved were the delicious pides—which are essentially like a pizza with a topping spread along an elongated football shape dough that's baked in a very hot oven. Of the variety of pides I was able to sample, I was most smitten with the minced lamb version and decided I wanted to try to make it at home since it's not something I can get quite as easily here in Durham.

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