The Meatwave

Best Drinking Game Ever!

Best Drinking Game Ever!

he Meatwave blog might have been put up a little prematurely, since I have yet to barbecue or grill anything this season (shooting to start on Sat), but that that doesn't mean you shouldn't have meat on your mind.

I've noticed that whenever The Meatwave comes up while I'm out drinking with friends, the rest of the night turns into a game of who came come up with the best Meatwave names. The results of this past Friday were:

• Meatier than Thou

• The Meat Generation

• Swim Meat

• The Meat will Inherit the Earth

• Meat, Myself, and I

There's always more, but I'm so bad at writing them down and remembering, that they just get lost. So if you have any good Meatwave names, here's the place to share them! Now go get drinkin' and thinkin'...

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