The Meatwave

No-meat Wednesday

No-meat Wednesday

As you can imagine, the life of a Meatmaster can be very demanding, so much so that there isn't always time for the meat.


Yes, that's right, Wednesday was my only day at the homestead and only the only day I had to grill this week. Unfortunately Wednesday was also the only day the angel's could get a lane, and some torrential thunderstorms made grilling near impossible. That doesn't mean that there wasn't meat on my mind.

I finally got my Big Apple BBQ Block Party Fast Pass today, but not after my mail carrier caused me to have minor myocardial infarction by originally sending it back as undeliverable. Although it took some time (I was probably one of the first people to order one of these babies when they went on sale way back when), the good people at the Block Party got it in my hands before the event on June 9-10.

Also, this Sunday is the official start of The Meatwave with Meatopia. So, knowing you also must have meat on your mind this rainy day, what do you all want to be cooked up for this joyous event on Sunday?

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