The Meatwave

Choose Your Own Meatwave

Choose Your Own Meatwave

The end of the Meatwave season has come with a lot of unrealized dreams. Cataloging all that I did not accomplish and trying to decide which of those recipes I should cook up became too daunting of a task, so I'll leave the tough decision making to you.

Meatwave readers and eaters alike can choose this weekend's menu, which is classic barbecue style. The only thing I know must be on the menu is my very first smoked brisket, but the rest falls on your shoulders. Get voting!

Choose 1 from each of the following categories and write your selections in the comments:

Write in nominations welcomed


Brisket is already on the menu

a) Baby back ribs

b) Smoked spicy wings

c) Smoked turkey


d) Hush puppies

e) Fried pickles

f) Macaroni salad

g) Macaroni and cheese


h) Biscuits

i) Cornbread

j) Fry bread


k) Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

l) Cake and/or brownie batter ice cream

m) Lemon bars

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  1. suzun smoked turkey, mac and cheese, biscuits, apple pie!

  2. Tea I can't come this weekend because my godparents are in town but I am going to vote for fried pickles anyway because they are crack.

  3. nick I love this vote process. I'm a go fo da ribs, hushpuppies, cornbread, n pie. Would you like me to make a mess o greens?

  4. Mark Smoked turkey, mac and cheese, cornbread, and apple pie oh my!!!

  5. brandon FRied Pickles!!

  6. Kristin a), e), j), & k)!

  7. Brian Araujo Any man more right than his neighbor constitutes a majority of one!

    A) Smoked Turkey
    G) Mac & Cheese
    I) Cornbread
    K) Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream

  8. Josh @nick: A mess o greens sounds great.

  9. Dave Scott Smoked Turkey

    FRIED PICKLES ALWAYS!!! (share your recipe and photograph the technique, other peoples are so much better than mine, I need to study (steal) your technique


    lay off the sweets and have a second helping of FRIED PICKLES... or apple pie

  10. Chris Meats
    b) Smoked spicy wings

    e) Fried pickles

    d) Hush puppies (yes, I moved them, I wanted puppies and pickles and puppies are KIND of bread, right?)

    k) Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

  11. Pete Is choice "c" a dog? I didn't choose the pig cause I don't really do swine, and brisket is already on the menu, so yeah I trust you with dog.....

  12. UNCLE Ronny Smoked Turkey Necks
    Fried Pickles
    Mac And Cheese
    Corn Bread
    Lemon Bars
    Vanilla Ice Cream With Grilled Bananas

    All the above Freeze as good as they will freeze and will ship to your Aunt And Uncle (next day) very well........

  13. UNCLE Ronny Wait...I didn't know dog was a choice.....Damn!!

  14. Niek Smoked spicy wings
    Hush puppies
    Fry bread
    Apple pie with vanilla ice cream (apple pie on the bbq!!??, Its possible and delicious!)

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  15. Josh I went to start planning the logistics of the Meatwave and realized I made an error putting the smoked turkey on there. The smoker will be full with a brisket, which smokes at 225 degrees, and the turkey would also have to go in, which I smoke at 350 degrees.

    So even though smoke turkey was the winner, I'm going to default to the 2nd most popular choice, baby back ribs.