The Meatwave

The Next Wave of Meat

The Next Wave of Meat

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  1. BBQ Billy I'm super excited you are entering the circuit! It's a ton of fun, and I have no doubt you'll do well. Hope to see ya around!

  2. Tim This is too cool! When does the "wave" start?!

  3. Josh @Tim The first competition I plan on doing is at the end of March. The backyard barbecues start around Memorial Day each year...but I'm barbecuing year round--going to do 3 pork butts and 2 briskets tomorrow night!

  4. BBQ Billy Does this mean we'll see you at Grilling' on the Bay?

  5. josh @BBQ Billy if fundraising keeps up, then yes!

  6. BBQ Billy 3 full months away... You'll pull it off I'm sure! It'd be a great time. I've done several at this point, and GoTB is one of my favorites. So much fun, and local!