The Meatwave

The Rib Alphabet

The Rib Alphabet

Behold, the rib alphabet in all of its greasy glory!

So what's this all about?

In case you don't know, I'm starting a barbecue competition team with the help of all of my meaty minions (that's you!). In the month since I started fundraising, I've been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for this next wave of meat. As everyone has so generously given to me, I'm working on giving back by fulfilling the perks donors get with their contribution. One of these is your name written out in ribs, which will adorn the wall of the team tent everywhere it travels—hence the rib alphabet.

While the support of my friends, family, and readers has been humbling so far, I'm still working on reaching my goal to get the Meatwave team off the ground and out competing this summer. There's still time for you steak your claim on the team and get yourself on the "ribs of fame."

Will you answer the call of the meat?

Join the Meatwave BBQ Team Now >>

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  1. Gabrielle how's about getting prints made of the alphabet to help fund your team? i'd buy one!!

  2. Josh Great idea! I'll look into adding that as a perk.

  3. Josh @Gabrielle You can now get a rib alphabet print as a perk on the campaign. Get yours now!