The Meatwave

Last Chance to Join the Meatwave Team

Last Chance to Join the Meatwave Team

The Meatwave BBQ Team is moving full steam ahead—we have applications in for three contests, built our mobile kitchen, and are hard at work at the perks for our generous funders. This is an exciting new chapter for the Meatwave, and your time to be part of it is coming to a close tomorrow!

While we've technically met our goal, every additional contribution is a great help. We currently have enough to cover two of the three competitions entered, and we're possibly looking at doing one more as well. Your contributions will further help get the Meatwave out on the road and competing, and the more we compete, the better chance we have to win, and thanks to your support, this year's monetary winnings will be donated to local food-based charities like City Harvest.

A lot of hard work has also gone into perfecting the Meatwave barbecue sauce during this process. The response to this sauce from friends and family have been so overwhelming that we'll be looking into starting up a legit business to bottle and sell this sauce to the masses. As with the team start-up, we'll also need funds to help the Meatwave take this next step in what will hopefully be a bigger and meatier future.

You have just 1 day left to join The Meatwave BBQ Competition Team, and also get yourself some sweet Meatwave swag like buttons, tote bags, sauces, prints, books, and even barbecue!

Steak your claim on The Meatwave BBQ Competition Team before it's too late >>

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  1. BrooklynQ I can't wait to get you to Brooklyn. It looks like it's going to great contest this year. 20 teams! Who Hoo!

    You know, there's another way to fund future events - WIN. Prize money baby!