The Meatwave

Where's the Meat? Pt. II

Where's the Meat? Pt. II

iring minds have been wondering, "Where's the Meat?"

Despite my best intentions, I have officially been bad to my blog and for that, I hang my head in shame. But things are looking up. Warm weather is prevailing over this great city, knocking me out of my hibernation ritual of endless Super Mario Galaxy and into extreme motivation to yet again bring on the meat!

Keep your eyes peeled, because soon the Meatwave will be coming back at you in full force!

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  1. megc Hey, I was thinking about you and the Meatwave recently! I even pointed a meat-lovin' friend toward your website (she's new to NYC and currently in Astoria). I will try to make it to an event this summer. Will we see you at the CSA this year?

  2. josh! @megc: If it's possible, hopefully you'll see me around picking up meat and diary, but we didn't sign up again for the CSA. There were just too many weeks we couldn't finish eating everything we got...we're going to really miss all the great fruits and veggies though.

    Hope you make it to a Meatwave this year!

  3. mfs I may have to wear my "meat inspector" uniform and order the meat to vacate its plate into my stomache!

  4. Ronny Thank You..You have been missed

  5. megc Josh, I totally understand. It can be a real challenge to consume all those fruits and veggies in one week! Glad you enjoy the meat, though.

    Glad the meatwave has woken up again!

  6. Trish No grilling in the winter? That's crazy... You should consider getting an upright George Foreman grill so you can keep this beautiful blog going year round!

  7. josh! @Trish: You're right, it is crazy. I guess winter just breeds laziness in me. In winter I get a lot of grilling done indoors, by using two cast iron grills on the stovetop, and that actually works really well.