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Thu May 26, 2016

Sweet and Sticky Smoked and Fried Hoisin-glazed Ribs

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Smoked and Fried Hoisin-glazed Ribs

When it comes to barbecuing, ribs are by far my go-to item. This certainly shows with ribs racking up sixteen unique recipes so far, while other common slow smoked items like pork butts or briskets only have a couple each. This has certainly bred a consistancy in my rib production, but at the same time, also a monotony. In thinking of ways to continue to build pork rib excellence and break repetition at the same time, I though why not try something completely new—smoke, and then fry my ribs. Turns out that was a pretty sweet idea, and these sweet and sticky hoisin-glazed ribs are just one of two prime examples so far.

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Wed Jul 6, 2011

Fried: Tostones

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Before I digressed into the virtues of an all-out barbecue bash, and how to plan one, I was on a bit of Cuban kick with pernil, followed by Cubanos. Picking back up from there, I can't image how you could have either of those without plantains— inseparable in my book. Of course, grilled plantains can be excellent, but I have a sweet spot in my clogged arteries for tostones—twice fried green plantains.

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Tue Dec 21, 2010

Fried: Fantastic Fungus

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Fried Mushrooms

It's been a bad year. Ok, we had an awesome Meatwave season, tons of excellent food, and I got to enjoy it all with my best friends. So I guess I had a pretty great year, but what I meant to say is, I've been bad. I've reached the point in my life where I can no longer eat whatever the hell I want without it adversely affecting my waist line and overall health. I came to realize this last year, but still went about this past year with little care into what I was putting into my stomach, and I've rightfully come out with pants that no longer fit and shirts that now accentuate some not-so-pleasant features. Next yea will be different (easy to say that now), but with the holidays and an extended stay in Houston on the horizon, there's no point in taking corrective measures quite yet. So from now until the end of the year, bring on the smoked, grilled, and fried, I'm here and ready to devour it all!

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Tue Aug 17, 2010

Fried: Hush, Puppy

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With all this North Carolina talk going on around these parts, it'd be a disservice not to have sides with that, and when I think North Carolina barbecue, hush puppies are right up there with slaw as a must have on each plate. As a kid growing up in suburban Virginia, hush puppies were exclusively found in seafood establishments, and were the only redeeming part of them in my mind. This led me to think of hush puppies as lone wolves—the only thing edible from our otherwise horrendous outings to Red Lobster and Long John Silver's. It wasn't until I had them next to some chopped pork that they were reinvented in my mind as one of the greatest barbecue sides out there.

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Fri Oct 16, 2009

Fried: Pickle Me This

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Fried Pickles

It's been over a year since my last recipe post, and what do I go and do for the first post returning this blog to form, toss out the grill and take to the fryer! Don't worry, barbecue and grilling is on the menu, but I recently let you Meatwavers decide what you would like to see at the Meatwave, and a side of fried pickles was unanimously choosen, with one loyal reader asking to see the process. In the interest of giving the people what they want, I proudly present to you the fried pickle.

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