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Thu Jan 31, 2019

Thai Chicken Satay Wings

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Satay Wings

I'm closing out an epic five-recipe Wing Month with an oldie, but goodie. Well, the wing recipe is technically new, but it's comprised of a marinade and sauce for Thai chicken satay that I've been using for many, many years. I actually was never much a fan of chicken satay until I started using this specific recipe, which I find much more flavorful and exciting than the satay that most commonly graces plates at Thai restaurants. I also have never been a lover of peanut dipping sauces, but the one here is incredible and I literally can't get enough of it—I'll eat it by the spoonful! So put these two things together, and it makes for one mighty fine chicken wing.

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Thu Oct 20, 2016

Gai Yang (Thai Grilled Chicken)

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Gai Yang

It's safe to say that I know my way around cooking chicken pretty damn well. Long gone are days of dry, overcooked chicken breasts—I have my technique down well enough that I don't think I've turned out a bird that wasn't juicy and moist for a long time. Still, chicken has fallen to the wayside in my normal rotation because, given everything else there is to cook, chicken kinda pales in comparison (unless it's fried, of course). So when I do decide to grill up a bird, I'm usually in search of a recipe that will inject a ton of seasoning to make up for its rather drab flavor, and that's what I saw in this one for Gai Yang—Thai Grilled Chicken.

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Thu Aug 11, 2016

Mu Ping (Thai Grilled Pork Skewers)

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Mu Ping

Thai skewered meats have never really been my thing—mostly I was familiar with chicken satay, an appetizer I tended to find bland, dry, and ultimately not worth ordering when there were so many better choices on the menu. But at a recent family dinner, I cooked up my satay recipe and it was received even better than the Crying tiger steak that followed, which is a dish I consider in high regard. That had me reconsidering my stance on Thai skewers, leading me to both improve my satay recipe and trying out another meat-on-a-stick variation—mu ping.

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Thu Jul 28, 2016

Khao Jee (Thai Grilled Sticky Rice with Egg)

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Grilled Sticky Rice

Having been at the grilling game now for going on 13 years, it's rare that I cook up something that surprises anyone—a need for a constant stream of recipes has meant covering a lot of items seemingly not made for the grill. So whenever I come upon a dish that can pique interest and curiosity in that way, it feels a bit exhilarating, returning me to my earlier, more experimental cooking days. This grilled sticky rice was one such item, eliciting some initial confusion that I would be grilling rice, then astonishment when that rice was also coated in egg.

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Thu Jul 21, 2016

Crying Tiger Steak

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Meat Me at Home

Most Thai restaurants stick to a pretty formulaic menu structure—there's the rice, noodles, or curry with choice of meat I would wager the majority of people order off of, then the specialities. Those specialities almost always sound the most interesting (to me anyway), but also fetch a higher price, making them feel like a splurge from the normal Thai night out. It was on one of those evenings I felt like shaking things up and ordered off of the specialities that I discovered Crying Tiger Steak, and it's since become hard for me not order it whenever I see it. It's a pretty simple dish—grilled steak with a spicy chili dipping sauce—but so good that it's totally worthy of the extra spend on an regular basis.

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